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Short Story (1000-3000 words)
I do original fiction, reader inserts, or fanfiction.

In the past I've done OC inserts, and the fandoms I've done are Sherlock, Supernatural, and Hetalia. However, I'm in way more fandoms than that! If you're curious, just ask--some of the bigger fandoms I'm also in are Harry Potter, LotR, and Doctor Who.

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Just another donation box.

I know, guys, I know. This thing is just going to sit here, but I'd like to save up for a premium membership if I can. So if you've got some extra points or whatever, feel free to donate!

See COMMISSION details above! :)

Requests are still free—I can just choose to ignore a request if I feel I can't write it. If you give me points to nom, I will have to write it! Nuuuuuuu *flails* Just kidding. But seriously. Free requests, cheap commissions. Hit me up. ;)

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Artist | Student | Literature
English Language! by the1dragon1girl Spanish language level INTERMEDIATE by animeXcaso

| Kimberly | ♀ | INFJ | TCK :earth: | Ace/Demi |
¡Hola! Soy Kiliann :w00t:

I'm a writer who dabbles in traditional pencil-and-paper art occasionally, and as of now my most popular work is my still-ongoing BBC John Watson x Reader series. It's been slow going, but I've promised my readers an ending, and an ending they will receive!
I also do traditional art, and while it's not that great, I like posting it up here to document my improvement.

:earth: :earth: I'm American, but I attend an international school in South East Asia--so I'm a nice blend of Asian cultures and some Canadian thrown into the mix! I also speak Spanish. Being a TCK is loads of fun. :earth: :earth:

I love to talk! Shoot me a PM or comment on any of my deviations and I guarantee an enthusiastic reply! That means you--don't be shy!
¡Me fascina hablar! Envíame un mensaje o comente sobre mi arte y yo garantizo una respuesta entusiata. Puedo hablar un poco de español, y quiero practicarlo si quieres. ¡También puedo ayudarte con ingles si quieres!
I was tagged by the lovely MyenizouAfuraki to do this little character quiz! Jenya will be answering these, as she's my only student at OW.

Question 1: What's your name, and why did you decide to enroll in Otherworlde Academy?

My name is Jenya, and I decided to join the academy once I was old enough because my dad heard about it and encouraged me to go. He and I are both shapeshifters, but he does a better job at concealing it than I. He's not the best teacher, though, so I couldn't learn from him how to do it. It was getting a lot harder to hide my ability, so we started looking into options. I didn't want to homeschool, so when we found Otherworlde I was pretty excited. Plus, there's other kinds of magic to learn than just controlling my own species-specific powers! I want to take all the classes there are... but I'm pretty sure they don't allow that, so I'm sticking with linguistics for now.
Question 2: What classes have you taken so far, and what do you think of them?
Oh, I kind of answered that already! I've taken LIN 101, 102, and 103 so far--that is, written and spoken magics and animal magic. I'm loving them so far, but as it turns out I'm not actually as excited about animal magics as the others. I might change my track next term to something different.

Question 3: Who is your favorite teacher?
I'm only taking Razik's classes at the moment, so him. He's really fun, though--and he's very personable. I like that he makes an effort to talk to all of his students.

Question 4: Social skills time! What friends have you made here in the academy?
Woooo... more than I expected.

I'm rooming with Lillith (who is slowly driving me crazy, but I still manage to like her). Kerzendocht and I have a lot of fun together; we've worked on assignments together, and I get to show her things she hasn't heard about before. I like explaining stuff, so I enjoy it a lot. I also met a pretty cool upperclassman named Theon; we both really like music, which is actually really exciting because basically no one listens to music here.

Question 5: And enemies, those are important. Did you make any enemies?
Not yet, thank goodness. But Theon and I have made plans to visit the Alternate Room, and I'm kind of scared of what my reflection will be like.

Question 6: See anyone attractive that you might have a crush on? ;D Be honest!
I... ah... *awkward mumbling* Theon is kind of cute? But the word on the street is that he just got out of a serious relationship and I'm not even looking to date anyone right now. So to answer the question, no. I don't have a crush on anyone.

Question 7: Do you support any ships/pairings at the academy?
I tend to avoid anyone who is actively PDA-ing around, so... I don't even know who's together or what. Whoops.

Question 8: What weaknesses are you trying to make up for in your studies?
Well... I procrastinate a lot. Also, it's still hard for me to summon magic at will. It takes a lot more concentration than I'd like, so I want to get faster at manipulating it.

Question 9: If you suddenly switched bodies with the person (or a person) from Question 5, what would you do?
If I switched bodies with my (currently non-existent) alternate? I have no idea what would happen. Nothing good, I would guess.
Question 10: What if you switched bodies from the person in Number 6?
I would probably go talk to the Coven witches Theon is friendly with and casually interact with them. I don't think they'd ever want to talk with me personally, so I could at least get to know them then. *realizes just how sad her life really is*

Question 11: Do you know any upperclassmen?
Just Theon, I think. :)

Question 12: Who scares you the most in the academy? Student, teacher, etc.
I wouldn't say I'm really scared of anyone... except maybe Carter because of this one time I--ah, never mind. He doesn't even know I exist, so it's cool.

Question 13: Who inspires you the most in the academy? Student, teacher, etc.
Anyone who's managing to keep up with assignments.

Question 14: If you had to kill one student who wasn't in Question 5, who would you pick? 
Wow... um? No idea? If I absolutely had to I suppose I would kill someone who was already suicidal or something? Or perhaps someone who can regenerate. I'd have to ask around.

Question 15: Is there anyone on campus you would die for to protect them?
I'm not really that kind of person, but I suppose Kerzendocht is a pretty close friend who I might do that for if I had the chance. I'm not selfish, I just have a high sense of self-preservation, I guess.
People mentioned:
  • Lillith (c) :iconmusicpackwolf:
  • Kerzendocht (c) :iconcreativebomb:
  • Theon & Razik (c) :iconyekrutslover:
If y'all feel like it, go do it. Consider yourself tagged. If not, I don't really care, so no worries! ^^

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